Most people want to grow, but the price of growth is pain.

— Dan B. Allender, Leading with a Limp

Why is personal growth perceived by so many to be painful?  I think the answer to that question applies to so many areas of life.  As a sports coach for over 15 years I had opportunity to watch many people struggle with implementing my suggestions for improvement outside of practice.  Most stopped or came up short because of the pain it took to begin.

Getting started on any new skill or endeavor requires a lot of work in the form of creating new habits.  Habits have an amazing power on our lives.  The challenge for all leaders lies in changing the habits that do not support them in living their visions.  That kind of self-work can be painful because it requires us to be truthful.  But like so many other athletes will tell you, the reward was totally worth the pain.

-Mike Walsh, NSLC Leadership Facilitator

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