Year: 2016

Dr. Paul Lisnek Coaches Students in the Art of Negotiation

On the Challenge Course

Building Team Dynamics in “Intro to Engineering”

Talking About What “Home” Means to You in TA Rehearsal

Day One at the Yale School of Nursing

Our brand new Nursing program at NSLC wasted no time today, immediately jumping into Nursing 101. How to correctly don PPE (personal protective […]

Registration Day at Yale!

Our staff can’t wait to meet you and get this party started!

Welcome all Students for Session 3! Registration is Today at Silliman College

It’s Time for Session Two Students to Say “Goodbye”

It’s time for our session two students to go home and take the lessons they learned with them. They’ve accomplished a lot in […]

Final Product Pitch Presentations

During the 9 day program, TA groups came up with a product and designed business plans for them. Yesterday they pitched them to […]

Green Build Presentations

Students designed “green” homes, did carbon footprint analyses and built models.