Year: 2016

Learning About the Anatomy of the Voice in Voice & Speech Class

Vassar College and the Powerhouse Theater

The Acting Intensive took a trip up to Poughkeepsie New York to visit Vassar College. They saw The Wolves at the Powerhouse Theater […]

The Human Knot

Monday July 25

Acting Intensive – College Panel, Character Development and Voice & Speech classes, Open Mic Night

Analyzing Tennessee Williams in Text Analysis with Jess Mcleod

Fun in the Sun in the Silliman Courtyard

Sunday July 24

Acting Intensive  – Trip to Vassar College to see The Wolves at the Powerhouse Theater

Breaking Through Barriers in Character Development Class

Text Analysis with Professor Jess McLeod

Students were divided into small groups to each analyze a scene in A Streetcar Named Desire and present to the rest of the […]

Saturday, July 30

Acting Intensive  – Final Performances, “What I Discovered” Leadership session, Closing Night Dance Party Business & Entrepreneurship  – Leadership in Business, Trip to Rockefeller […]