Year: 2017

A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Our Nursing students learned the daily functions of being a nurse – anything from inserting an IV needle to emergency intubation!

Students Build Wind Turbines

Our engineering students learned how to build a wind turbine of their own design and do it all under a mock project budget […]

Acting Professionals Help Students Find Their Voice

Eddie Schnecker, renowned voice coach based in New York, Adeola Role, a seasoned performer, and graduate of the Yale School of Drama, Baize […]

NSLC at Yale 2017!

Acting Intensive Staff Business & Entrepreneurship Staff Nursing Staff Engineering Staff

Building a Business from Top to Bottom

Our business students have the privilege this week to be coached by Harvard Professor Steven Rogers and Leadership Facilitator Joel Hilchey on building […]

Learning to Form Bigger and Better Ideas

First day jitters left behind, our students are on an amazing roll attending Ivy League lectures, expanding their minds through creative thinking, and […]

Leadership Through Ropes and Challenge Courses

Students started off their programs with a day spent running, jumping, and hiking through various physical obstacle courses and games. Though all of […]

NSLC Welcomes New Students to Campus

We welcomed our new actors and actresses, businessmen and women, engineers, and future nurses to Yale University’s campus!

Farmer’s Market and the Local Economy

Students learned that supporting your local businessmen and women can be a tasty venture.

Business Students Grilled by Mock Press

Students had a chance to test their public speaking skills and business strategy knowledge to think on their feet when questioned by the press […]