Yesterday, the Business and Entrepreneurship Students visited the Hartford Yard Goats Stadium, which is a double- A minor league baseball team for the Colorado Rockies. The Hartford Yard Goats are one of the most successful minor league teams. While at the stadium the students, received the opportunity to meet with many executives on the Yard goats team, including the General Manger, Mike Abrams. After a talk regarding sports business and letting the students ask questions, the executives at the yard goats were able to show the students around the stadium as well as give them a chance to see some of the players practicing before the game that evening.

The students continued working on their products that they have created for the final presentations here at the Business and Entrepreneurship program, The shark-tank style pitch will take place on Friday so the students are putting the final touches on their products. Looking into finances, marketing, and general product development has challenged students to think outside the box and create something that they think is a solution to a problem.

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