Today was filled with a day full with pitches, simulations, lectures, and ending with a great fashion show between all business students. After having breakfast students went to leadership lab rotations in which they learned both about the importance of creating a linkedin, and all the levels within public speaking. Within these students created their very own linkedin’s, and practiced public speaking in front of their own classmates at Yales lecture halls. We then moved from this into our second quarter within management simulation which included having executives emailing new instructions for students to work on to continue developing there companies.

After this students and TA’s went to have a nutritious lunch at Pierson dining hall, leading to the first session of product pitch for the day. From this students moved onto negotiation simulations in which students were paired with different TA’s and were tasked after being separated into six different companies, to come to an agreement over five different categories which all brought advantages and disadvantages to the different groups. Once groups finished within these negotiations, students then moved onto dinner before there last product pitch meeting of the day. We then finished the day by participating in a Fashion show social among business students.

These students were tasked with creating and showing off an outfit that they would create with materials provided to them such as table clothes, pom poms, glitter, diamond looking studs, and other materials. Students would then choose an individual in there groups to participate in a fashion walk while other group members narrated details about the outfit.

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