Yesterday, students participated in a lecture by Tristan Botelho,Yale MBA professor and startup advisor. He talked about his experience and how he became a professor and an investment banker, his new profession in academia, and how he helps other entrepreneurs with beginning their startup. After this, we immediately headed for the buses in order to ride over to the minor baseball league team the Yard Goats. Students got an explanation from managers and the general manager about the type of work that they do and the way that they personally had gotten to this role. This then followed with a tour of the facility, executive lounges, and a brief Q&A by the general manager! After returning from the Yard Goat stadium, students finished off there third quarter and began to prepare for their press conference for the third quarter of the Management Simulation.

We then went to dinner in the Pierson Dining hall which had an array of choices before meeting to begin the press conference. Every group gave a brief overview of the past three quarters, followed by questions by the press which required quick thinking by the representatives in each respective group. The seventh day was then ended with our last major leadership session called Commitment in Action with Big Dave.

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