Year: 2022

Hartford Yard Goats Trip/Product Pitch

Yesterday, the Business and Entrepreneurship Students visited the Hartford Yard Goats Stadium, which is a double- A minor league baseball team for the […]

Product Pitch

Business students got introduced to their product pitch stimulation and got a chance to come up with their product ideas. As well as […]

Guest Speaker with Noah Messing

Yale Law Professor Noah Messing speaks to the Law and Advocacy students about opening statements. While the students prepare for their mock trial […]

New York ENVI Trip

Environmental Science and Sustainability took a trip down to Central Park where they could explore one of the largest green spaces in an […]

Programming, Soldering, and CAD

  ENGN covered engineering drawings, their importance in the industry, and some common aspects and examples of professional engineering drawings. Then they experimented […]

Personality Matrix

Our leadership facilitator known as “Big Dave” talked to the LAWA students about the “Personality Matrix.” Big Dave’s iteration of the “Personality Matrix” […]

ENVI Rotations

Yesterday, during ENVI’s rotations, the students got to learn about ocean circulation and arctic ice melt. Later, they went outside and demonstrated the […]

Registration Day!

The NSLC Staff welcomed Session 1 students this morning. Students from all over the globe checked in and got to relax right before […]

Welcome to Yale!

From the NSLC staff, welcome to Yale University!