Month: June 2023

Leadership Commitment in Action Lecture & Six Flags

The students had a thrilling and unforgettable experience at Six Flags. Afterward, the students engaged in a valuable lesson focused on resilience, emphasizing […]

Field Trip: New York

The students went on an exciting excursion to New York City, where they had the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks like Central Park. […]

Business Press Conference

The students had time to prepare for the upcoming press conference, showcasing their business ventures that have spanned three-quarters of the year. They […]

Voir Dire

In an interactive session today, the students engaged in a mock trial simulation within their TA groups. They focused on the process of […]

Surgical Rounds: Suturing, Dissections, & Dissections

Students had an extraordinary opportunity to participate in surgical rounds led by Dr. Dan Grabell and the Task, where they gained hands-on experience […]

Lecture: Robotics for Autism

Brian Scassellati, a computer science Yale professor, discussed the fascinating topic of robotics for autism, exploring the various ways in which robots are […]

Medical Discovery Series: Scavenger Hunt

Daniel Grabell, a dermatologist, collaborated with the students on medical cases, allowing them to apply the skills they had learned and solve diagnostic […]

Field Trip: Pez Factory

The students enjoyed a short field trip to the Pez Factory, which boasts the world’s largest collection of PEZ memorabilia on display. They […]

Field Trip: Farm River

Today, the students visited Farm River to explore water quality and aquatic ecosystems. They had the opportunity to identify different small creatures and […]

Building Bridges & Wind Turbines Activity

The students had a lesson on various types of bridges, exploring the concepts of forces and structural design. They were given popsicle sticks […]