Month: July 2023

Environmental Simulation Presentation

Students pitched their sustainability plans to the TA sustainability board, outlining innovative strategies for addressing climate-related challenges and proposing mitigation and adaptation measures […]

Final Mock Trial

The students participated in a compelling murder trial at the New Haven City Court. After thorough preparation, they presented their arguments as either […]

Surgical Rounds Part 2

The students were thrilled to do another surgical rounds session led by the TAs. They had a hands-on experience in suturing and dissecting, […]

Shark Tank Pitch

Our students pitched their innovative ideas in our very own Shark Tank session. With confidence, they captivated the panel of experienced investors with […]

Sea Perch & RC Car Demonstration

Students worked diligently on their final project, which involved a sea perch demonstration and an RC car. Their determination was evident as they […]

Voir Dire

In an interactive session today, the students engaged in a mock trial simulation within their TA groups. They focused on the process of […]

The Importance of Resilience

Today, the students participated in a leadership activity focused on resilience. They also engaged in a fun and interactive teamwork activity, where they […]

Field Trip: Six Flags

The students had a thrilling and unforgettable engineering-related experience at Six Flags, where they combined fun and learning. As they enjoyed the exhilarating […]

Paths In Environmental Science

Today, the students had the opportunity to learn more about the environmental science field and explore various career paths through the TAs. They […]

Surgical Rounds

Students had an extraordinary opportunity to participate in surgical rounds led by Dr. Dan Grabell and the TAs, where they gained hands-on experience […]