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Engineering Students Build a Flashlight!

Today our engineering students learned to solder for the first time – using their skills to build a functioning mini LED flashlight. Their […]

Trebuchets and Tennis Balls

Today our session one engineering students learned that trebuchets are easier said than done. Students combined their teamwork skills and newly gained engineering […]

Engineering Students Ferry to the Brookhaven National Laboratory

Our Engineering session one students embarked on a journey to Long Island via car, bus, and ferry to reach the Brookhaven National Laboratory, […]

Meet the 2017 Engineering Staff

The Sea Perch Competition

Brookhaven National Laboratory

The Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island is a 5,265 acre government research facility. It is home to the NSLS II, the worlds […]

Trebuchet Build and Test!

Harnessing Kinetic Energy; The Wind Turbine Build

Wind Turbine Build

Soldering 101