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Opening Ceremony

Welcome To NSLC at Yale University!

  Welcome To NSLC at Yale University! Today kicks off the beginning of an amazing summer at Yale!  

Farmer’s Market and the Local Economy

Students learned that supporting your local businessmen and women can be a tasty venture.

Trees, Rain, and Foresting

Our environmental science students are real outdoorsmen and women, hiking through the deep woods of Yale Myers Forest to learn about foresting despite […]

Yale Environmental Law Professors Speak With Students

Our students attended a unique double lecture with Professors Lisa Dale and Zach Wendling from the Yale Center of Environmental Law and Policy. […]

Lego Cities and Bird Watching

Our students learned about sustainable city planning and native urban bird species today by building mock lego cities and touring Yale’s campus in […]

Environmental Science Students Hold Community Forum

To prepare to fight for a plot of land in danger of harsh development, students held their first community forum and learned what […]

Caterpillars and Maple Trees at Yale Myers Forest

Our session one Environmental Science and Sustainability students hiked through Yale Myers Forest to measure the width of trees and learn to recognize […]

Students Study River Health and Water Quality

Our Environmental Science and Sustainability ┬ástudents are all about saving the planet and leaving the Earth a little better off. Today, students learned […]

Say “Hello” to the Environmental Science and Sustainability Staff