Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Commitment In Action with Dennard Mitchel

  Today all three programs made commitments & followed through!

Business & Entrepreneurship: New York City

Top of The Rock      

Guest Speaker: Were You Born to Build a Business?

Today students got the opportunity to hear from Stephanie Larkin about the essentials of entrepreneurship.

Challenge Course

Opening Ceremony

Welcome To NSLC at Yale University!

  Welcome To NSLC at Yale University! Today kicks off the beginning of an amazing summer at Yale!  

Negotiating as an Entrepreneur

Our Business & Entrepreneurship students met with cofounder of NSLC, Paul Lisnek to talk about the art of negotiation.

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Business students learn from Harvard Prof. Steven Rogers that there’s more than one way to start a business.  

Business, Engineering, and Nursing Students Arrive at Yale!

Our new Business, Engineering, and Nursing students arrived on campus today to join their fellow Acting students! Can’t wait for to see how […]

Startup Businesses with Yale School of Management Professor

Students visit the Yale School of Management to speak with Prof. Jennifer McFadden about startup businesses and building a better product pitch.