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Yale Professor Roman Kuc on Finding the Right Graduate School or Job

Inside the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Lab

  NSLC Engineering students got a rare opportunity to actually step inside the Ion Collider at BNL. When the RHIC is running, the […]

Trebuchet Build

A Trebuchet is a mechanical device that uses a counterweight and gravity to hurl an object, in this case a tennis ball. TA […]

Some Fun and Games; “Minute to Win it” Video Montage

“Minute to Win it” is a fast paced competitive team challenge featuring a series of fun silly games, including “Bucket Head” “Candy Straws” […]

Class Rotations, and Learning to Solder

Dr. Paul Lisnek Coaches Students in the Art of Negotiation

Building Team Dynamics in “Intro to Engineering”

Sea Perch Competition

Fun, Games, and Competition in “Minute To Win It”

Wind Turbine Build

Wind Turbines use wind to collect energy. Students designed and built prototypes out of household objects and tested the models to see which […]