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Trip to New York City

Yale School of Nursing: Vital Signs and Fundamentals Lab


Birthing and Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Nurses went through their final course of rotations at the Yale School of Nursing, which included simulating a live birth and learning about […]

Nurses in New York!

Our Nursing students got a day off their hands-on rotations at Yale’s School of Nursing to visit New York City and the Top […]

Nurses Learn Infant and Adult CPR

Our nurses became CPR certified and learned how to save infant and adult lives.

Business, Engineering, and Nursing Students Arrive at Yale!

Our new Business, Engineering, and Nursing students arrived on campus today to join their fellow Acting students! Can’t wait for to see how […]

Nursing is a Dirty Job

Nursing students listen in on Theresa Brown, author and professional nurse, about what it means to love the mess of life.

A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Our Nursing students learned the daily functions of being a nurse – anything from inserting an IV needle to emergency intubation!

Students Learn the Basics of Hands-On Nursing

Today our students traveled to the Yale School of Nursing to learn how to take vitals, care for an infant, and communicate with […]

Nursing Students Learn How to Save a Life

Students today received CPR certification and learned to work in a group when saving someone’s life in a hospital or emergency setting.