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Reg Day/ Opening Ceremony

From the NSLC Staff, welcome to Yale! Today the students checked in and settled into their dorm rooms. Everyone got to meet their […]

DeReg Day

All the kids finished out NSLC with closing ceremonies, final TA meetings, and lots of hugs. Over the past 9 days, lifelong friends […]

Mock Trial

Yesterday we broke the kids down into TA groups in order to address any last minute details or questions they may have had […]

Trial Prep

Yesterday we did a college panel in the morning in order to inform our students of the variety of colleges and experiences we […]

Voir Dire

Yesterday LAWA ┬ábroke out by TA groups and discussed the importance of evidence in a court trial. After they explained that very thoroughly […]

Guest Speaker with Noah Messing

Yale Law Professor Noah Messing speaks to the Law and Advocacy students about opening statements. While the students prepare for their mock trial […]

Personality Matrix

Our leadership facilitator known as “Big Dave” talked to the LAWA students about the “Personality Matrix.” Big Dave’s iteration of the “Personality Matrix” […]

Mock Trial Session 4

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Yale School of Law Lecture

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Case Prep

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