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Lecture Series: The American Legal System

Professor David Schott dived deep into the American Legal System for our Law Students!

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Opening Ceremony

Welcome To NSLC at Yale University!

  Welcome To NSLC at Yale University! Today kicks off the beginning of an amazing summer at Yale!  

Prof. David Schott Debriefs the American Legal System

Our Law & Advocacy students have the privilege to take their first basic lessons about the American legal system and trial knowledge from […]

Law & Advocacy | Mock Trials

Our Law & Advocacy students finished up their program with a big finale: a murder case mock trial. Not only was their acting […]

Law & Advocacy Students Explore the Connecticut Supreme Court

Not only were our Law and Advocacy students privileged to hear from Yale Law School’s director of admissions, they were also admitted into […]

Meet the Law and Advocacy Staff

The Supreme Court of Connecticut

LAWA Students took a trip up to Hartford to talk with Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Dennis Eveleigh about his experience and how the […]

LAWA Visits New York City