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DeReg Day

As the NSLC camp draws to an end, your incredible students have embarked on an extraordinary journey of learning and personal growth. Armed […]

DeReg Day

As the NSLC camp comes to a close, your amazing students experienced an incredible journey of learning and growth. They leave with knowledge, […]

Meet the NSLC Yale Staff!

Welcome to Yale University! – NSLC Staff Click the link for more photos!                  

Staff Training and Bonding Time

Yesterday, our staff engaged in comprehensive training, immersing themselves in the policies and procedures that guide our work at the NSLC. After the […]

DeReg Day

We are so sad to see the last group of students leave. This summer at Yale has been so memorable. We have had […]

Product Pitch Presentations

The engineering students finally got to present their product that they been working so hard for the past nine days. After they closed […]

Mock Trial

Yesterday we broke the kids down into TA groups in order to address any last minute details or questions they may have had […]

Fashion Show

BUSI students were tasked with creating and showing off an outfit that they would create with materials provided to them such as table […]

Project Development

We covered engineering drawings, their importance in the industry, and some common aspects and examples of professional engineering drawings. Then we experimented creating […]

Yale-Myers’s Forest Trip

  Environmental science students continued to work on their city redesign simulation projects and finished the last of three rotation classes. They took […]