Category: Daily Program Update

Mock Trial

Yesterday we broke the kids down into TA groups in order to address any last minute details or questions they may have had […]

Woods Hole Trip

Yesterday, Environmental Science went on a field trip to Woods Hole in Cape Cod, Massachusetts! When we got there, we split into three […]

Team Simulations

Yesterday the Business and Entrepreneurship Students got the opportunity to to speak to go through developmental leadership workshops on LinkedIn and Resumes as […]

Trial Prep

Yesterday we did a college panel in the morning in order to inform our students of the variety of colleges and experiences we […]

Final Product Development

Yesterday, we performed our windmill design competition. In this activity, we demonstrated the importance of sustainability in renewable energy sources. We did this […]

Stimulation of Presentations

Environmental and sustainability students started yesterday off with a guest lecture with Jhoni Ada of the Sierra club. The students then practiced and […]

Green Building Lab II

Environmental science students continued to work on their city redesign simulation projects and finished the last of three rotation classes. They took a […]

Voir Dire

Yesterday LAWA ┬ábroke out by TA groups and discussed the importance of evidence in a court trial. After they explained that very thoroughly […]

Boston Museum of Science

ENGN explored the many amazing exhibits at the Boston Museum of Science, Here the students saw many of the topics they have learned […]

Hartford Yard Goats Trip/Product Pitch

Yesterday, the Business and Entrepreneurship Students visited the Hartford Yard Goats Stadium, which is a double- A minor league baseball team for the […]