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Meet the NSLC Yale Staff!

Welcome to Yale University! – NSLC Staff Click the link for more photos!                  

Staff Training and Bonding Time

Yesterday, our staff engaged in comprehensive training, immersing themselves in the policies and procedures that guide our work at the NSLC. After the […]

Welcome to Yale!

From the NSLC staff, welcome to Yale University!

2019 Yale Staff Pictures!

Business:  Engineering: Environmental Science: Law and Advocacy: Nursing: Administrative Staff: All Staff:  

Meet The Staff


International Business 2018

Our staff at Yale-NUS in Singapore is excited to welcome our International Business students tomorrow for the start of their program! Click on […]

NSLC at Yale 2017!

Acting Intensive Staff Business & Entrepreneurship Staff Nursing Staff Engineering Staff

Welcome to Yale-NUS!

It is Registration Day at Yale-NUS! We are so excited to be welcoming our inaugural International Business in Singapore students. We have a […]

Meet the 2017 Engineering Staff

Say “Hello” to the Environmental Science and Sustainability Staff