Yesterday was the students’ first full day in the program. After filling up at breakfast, the students were put in their TA groups and began their scavenger hunt. During the activity, the students explored more of the amazing Yale campus, met other program directors and staff, and grew their independence, all while having fun with their peers.

After wrapping up the activity, students grabbed a bite to eat during their lunch. Shortly after, the students attended their first leadership session, directed by our Leadership Facilitator. Students analyzed their personality types during this time and were broken into groups based on such. This activity allowed many participants to connect with fellow students and begin understanding their natural skills and how they apply in a work setting. Following the leadership session, the students traveled to the Loria Center, a major Yale lecture space for Management and Drama courses.In Loria, the students were introduced to The Management Simulation, in which TA groups will take over a company and facilitate through a fiscal year and inevitably a press conference. The students were very excited by this and brought that positive energy with them to dinner. After wrapping up their dinner, the students began their first quarter of Management Simulation by assembling their legal, financial, operations, and marketing teams. During that time, students collaborated and began to broaden their horizons within those fields and wrapped up with writing an email to their company’s executive board. They then broke off into the Business lab groups, which cycle around throughout the nine days. The Business Labs teach students crucial business topics such as personal finance, marketing and pr, business careers, and diversity and equity within the workplace.

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