Category: Daily Program Update

DeReg Day

As the NSLC camp draws to an end, your incredible students have embarked on an extraordinary journey of learning and personal growth. Armed […]

DeReg Day

As the NSLC camp comes to a close, your amazing students experienced an incredible journey of learning and growth. They leave with knowledge, […]

DeReg Day

We are so sad to see the last group of students leave. This summer at Yale has been so memorable. We have had […]

Product Pitch Presentations

The engineering students finally got to present their product that they been working so hard for the past nine days. After they closed […]

Mock Trial

Yesterday we broke the kids down into TA groups in order to address any last minute details or questions they may have had […]

Fashion Show

BUSI students were tasked with creating and showing off an outfit that they would create with materials provided to them such as table […]

Project Development

We covered engineering drawings, their importance in the industry, and some common aspects and examples of professional engineering drawings. Then we experimented creating […]

Yale-Myers’s Forest Trip

  Environmental science students continued to work on their city redesign simulation projects and finished the last of three rotation classes. They took […]

NY Trip

Yesterday, the business kids got to explore New York City. Once they got back to campus they went to their labs. They got […]

Break Out Session

Yesterday, the law students learned about opening statements from Professor Messing as well as learned about overall court procedure and components of a […]