Category: Daily Program Update

WoodsHole Trip

Yesterday, Environmental Science went on a field trip to Woods Hole in Cape Cod, Massachusetts! When we got there, we split into three […]

Product Presentation

The engineering students finally got to present their product that they been working so hard for the past nine days. After they closed […]

Pitch to the Sharks

After our guest speaker the students had their final product pitch presentations to the sharks. These students have been working on a unique […]

Mock Trial

Yesterday we broke the kids down into TA groups in order to address any last minute details or questions they may have had […]

Voir Dire

In the morning and early afternoon the students met with their Ta group and worked on polishing their work for trial, many did […]

Press Conference

Yesterday, students participated in a lecture by Tristan Botelho,Yale MBA professor and startup advisor. He talked about his experience and how he became […]

NY Trip/Rotations

Yesterday ENVI went on a field trip to Central Park in New York City! When we got there, the students had the ability to explore Central […]

Fashion Show

Today was filled with a day full with pitches, simulations, lectures, and ending with a great fashion show between all business students. After […]

Trial Breakouts

Yesterday most of the day was spent in separate TA groups in order to prepare for the mock trial correctly. The students were […]

Wind Turbines

For wind turbines activity today, we had the students purchase materials they wanted to use to build their wind turbines with a given […]