Year: 2017

Engineering Students Build a Flashlight!

Today our engineering students learned to solder for the first time – using their skills to build a functioning mini LED flashlight. Their […]

Environmental Science Students Hold Community Forum

To prepare to fight for a plot of land in danger of harsh development, students held their first community forum and learned what […]

Prof. David Schott Debriefs the American Legal System

Our Law & Advocacy students have the privilege to take their first basic lessons about the American legal system and trial knowledge from […]

Session Two’s First Day on Campus!

Our session two’s first day is a wrap. Full of meets-and-greets, new friends, college dorm rooms, and lessons about taking intelligent risks – […]

Lecture Series

Professor Guillem Riembau led our students in the study of behavior economics during our four part lecture series.


Our last professional site visit while in Singapore with International Business was to the Singapore Stock Exchange. We had a quick lesson in […]

Day 5 in Singapore

Day 5 of International Business in Singapore at Yale-NUS was a BIG day! The day started with our Lecture Series with Dr. Guillem Riambau, […]

Check Out Gushcloud!

International Business students heard from Althea Lim, co-founder of Gushcloud, an influencer marketing firm in Singapore. Check out this amazing company.

Goodbye, Session One!

Deregistration day was full of tearful goodbyes and heartfelt hugs. So many friends, connections, and networks were made, and we thank our students for choosing […]

Shark Tank Simulation with Business & Entrepreneurship

Our Business & Entrepreneurship students wrapped up session one with a product pitch to “million dollar” investors Shark Tank style. Students created companies […]